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Zombie Nation

Be scared.....be very scared.
Meet the zombie my son......off to a horror disco. Complete with fake blood, stitched body parts and bullet hole in his head. While he was out, Eldest and I attempted to put the chrimbly decs away.

 Apparently Zombie-boy had a good time apart from finding the music too loud!
As each guest left they were handed a rather yummy cupcake complete with the birthday girl's age, small ghost and black star.
The sweaty mini-zom was sent upstairs for a shower forthwith and came back down restored to his former more human self. I think he had a good time :)

PS shhhhhh - bought some more yarn. Think this is becoming a serious issue.......actually if I'm honest I was taken to buy the yarn by Himself (bless him) so I could finish my hat, pictures later.

Night all - time to go to bed, already sent the zombies boys upstairs, putting the chrimbly tree away can wait another day.


  1. Your son really did look the part!
    Every year after packing all the christmas decorations back in the loft I sit back, look up and around at my tidy but bare home and spy the one that got away.
    Does that only happen to me?

  2. He looks quite cute, in a scary sort of way. I can recommend you keep buying more yarn - remember we must do our best to kick-start the economy.

  3. Scary......! Hope it all came off in the shower. Our Christmas decorations are down too and no Jacqueline, you are not the only one to find something shiny lurking after the decorations are safely up in the attic. I also seem to have glittery bits popping up in the carpet for weeks, if not months afterwards! Lovely Lady - what an excuse to buy wool!!

  4. Jak - does one really need an excuse to buy wool?


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