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Donkeys, pagan mama and knitting - what more could I ask for?!

Thank you so much you lovely kind people for your wonderful feedback about my ever-so-favourite-ever-ever hat! It is so delicious and warm and snug and it is definately proving its worth as I took it out walking again at lunch time and I had such roasty toasty head :)

Andria and Ju24 I definitely recommend making it, it was super easy. I did start off using dpns but the yarn I was knitting with is heavy so the stitches kept slipping off the needles. I changed to a circular needle until I was doing the decreasing then returned to the dpns. Well worth it.

Threads through my life - I certainly think this one is right up your street and if you promise not to 'adopt' it, you can try it on!

JakAngela, Amanda and Thursday - thank you very much!

I was invited by a work colleague to join her in a lunch time walk, so we wrapped up warmly and set off out into the snow - and it was worth it! A short brisk walk through the town and out the other side in a matter of minutes and straight up an old drovers track. We stopped off to chat to two donkeys, I loved their coats, especially the spotty one.

We carried on up the lane where chatted to a farmer who'd struggled up the same lane to feed his sheep.

And at the top - we stopped to puff and pant and almost instantly - we made a snow-wo-man! A powerful symbol - a sort of cross between a pagan mama, Boudicca and the queen - and we laughed and laughed and our hands went slapped lobster pink and stung painfully with the cold, but it was so much fun.

We only just got back to work in time, the return journey was a little slippery and a delightful shop called Serendipity called us in and..... oh what a delightful little treasure trove this turned out to be :) !

Final bit of waffle - I'm knitting again....................



  1. brilliant snow woman and loving the colour of the new yarn

  2. Thanks for taking me along on the walk - I can recommend doing this from the comfort and coziness of my sofa!!!!

    Oh, those donkeys!!!! Their coats were wonderful to look at, so much

  3. Forgot to add to my previous comment that I promise I will not adopt your new hat!!!

  4. I love the snow woman, liberty also springs to mind!
    Loved reading the post, what a lovely way to spend a lunchtime!

  5. I think your lunchtime rambles make the long journey to work worth the effort. Love the little donkey coats and as for that snow queen.............! I'm sure it will amuse other intrepid walkers.

  6. I love the snow woman, liberty came to my mind.
    How lovely to such a wonderful lunch break!

  7. Do I see the word 'scarf' in the pattern behind knitting or is that a deliberate ploy to confuse us? Lovely colour and interesting looking pattern. Looks like you have been supporting your newly discovered wool shop again!

  8. My comments are having a very strange journey! If I try to comment from my iPad or phone they usually disappear without your usual comment of waiting for approval. Therefore, it's hit or miss if they're going to turn up and the reason why sometimes I spring up more than once for your posts.
    AND with this post, I'm going to appear three times, as I try to explain myself!!!!


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