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A gift for myself (and my sister in law!)

With chrimbly time, school hols and new job, I never got round to show and share this glorious book I bought myself and my fav sis-in-law. It arrived with a thud through the post box mid December and I had such a terrible time keeping it secret and I did so want to show my sister-in-law but I had to keep the suspense until I was able to watch her unwrap her own copy.

Written by this wonderful and creative lady - Kate Davies, her blog Needled I have followed for a few months now and without fail she makes me yearn to knit as beautifully as she. Then she produced this:


A beautiful book, full of inspirational images and patterns, stories and charts and I just had to buy one two.

I am yet to start anything from it but never fear - I will, I most definitely will!


  1. Oh dear another blog to read now! I love the look of the knitting book, if only I hadn't bought a cookery book earlier today.......
    But I'll say thank you anyway, I really do need to get my knitting needles out again. How lucky your sister in law is, a beautiful present to receive.

  2. Oh that hat on the cover! Looks wonderful. Big too so it will keep my ears warm!

  3. ooo does look tempting


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