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Going for a walk - fancy coming along?

Today at work was hectic - in a good way - but by lunch time I was desperate for some time out. Want to come along with me?

Well, firstly, after walking through some really narrow twiddly lanes through old Settle town, I popped in for a bit of culture - at the Gallery on the Green, where there is an exhibition of Chinese brushwork by Chris Newson.

I spent a very happy 10 minutes watching the powerpoint slide show of work and had a good look at the art work on display.
I've visited this little gallery before and blogged about it in my previous blog  -  this little gallery is a phone box!

The art work is changed regularly and is sourced from local artists - it is such a quirky and fun way to interact with art in a small and personal way.

Having sated my curiosity, I set off again. Heading for Brockhole Lane - known locally as watery lane.

I paused briefly to admire the allotments on the lane and to smile at its name.

The sky was heavy all round, threatening rain but I was lucky and walked in brilliant sunshine

The further I went, the wetter the track - the lane lives up to its pet name.
As I reached a bend in the lane, the water had stopped being puddles and started to be a little stream

Then the stream turned into a river - Brockhole (watery) lane shares a short stretch with a brisk bubbling beck. Only passable in a car or on horse back and for those on foot, a raised stony path next to the wall is just about the driest route.

Water gushes out from beneath the large slab - I peered over the wall to see where the stream was coming from. All I saw was grass! No sign of the source, it must come from deep beneath the earth,
The river then suddenly turned off the lane through a special 'smoot' and disappeared into the field. Gone.

I walked along the raised stony path to the end of the ford and turned to take more pictures.
How lucky am I? 
I work in that huddle of buildings at the base of those hills. 

 Time to return to work - feeling refreshed and fully charged for the afternoon.

Tomorrow I start my annual Heart-a-thon! Curious? Well pop back and see what goes on :) Join if you fancy.

Friday tomorrow - Woo hoo!!

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  1. A lovely walk, even if a bit damp in the foot department!!


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