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Green hat - still growing - but been put aside................

For this.......

A baby hat for a colleague about to go on maternity leave. Where I am working now, there has been a severe outbreak of pregnancy..... two off already, one more about to go, a further 2 ready to pop in the next couple of months and a 6th collegue, still slim and trim but actively producing another member of the next generation!

Good practice for my knitting skills :)

PS Edited to add - I've finished the little hat, surprised myself somewhat that it actually looks like what it was supposed to do! phew..


  1. Love the hat....well done! You don't half like a challenge!!

  2. being so small baby projects can be surprisingly quick, I'm impressed with how much your knitting skills have come on.

  3. cute! sounds like there will b many more baby knits in the near future:)

  4. Oh the baby hat looks so sweet; how about an adult sized one (now where have I heard that before???)!!!!

  5. Lovely hat! It must be the weather, I'm having a hat fest too!!

  6. the colour scheme is really nice :)


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