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7 - Road mark

Looking back, I think it was a gouge in the tar rather than a road worker's calligraphic number 7 - still what ever or how ever it was created - it is perfect for today :)

Not much waffle today - tired. But after this weekend I am sure I will have loads to say!

Thank you for your lovely comments and welcome to a couple of 'new' faces - millyandmummy :) and Gail :)


  1. Hope you have a great weekend. I'm hoping for a bit of time for relaxation and crafting in between the two rugby matches.

  2. Well spotted! Have a restful weekend but knowing you it will be a full of action!

  3. You must spend all your walks with 'eyes peeled' for December and February numbers. Bet you have willing extra 'eyes' to help.


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