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Favourite Christmas Recipe - the alternative advent 3

I put this phrase out to the boys - all three - to see what they came up with.... here they all are!
Eldest - a rich a dark fruit cake
Me - a lighter Dundee marmalade fruit cake
Himself - fruit cake of any variety as long as no alcohol added (now he tells me)
Youngest - Yorkshire puddings with lots of gravy.

Think we may have a wilding among us,
he has always followed the beat of his own drum :) 

Joining in with Julie and her Advent Calendar 2018


  1. I love the fact you each have your own favourite & does it matter what it is? I had to laugh at himself not liking alcohol added!! He'd better not read what I've just put on for that one. Take care.

  2. That's a lovely idea to throw throw question out to your family. Your youngest made me smile. The Dundee Marmalade cake sounds wonderful. I bet himself eats the cake alcohol or no alcohol.....

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. It's always good to have a wilding. You can be constantly surprised at their unpredictability. Mine doesn't have a sweet tooth so don't know what he'd say!

  4. Fruit cake, you can't have better (and no cheese with it please!).

  5. I smiled when I read about your youngest son, bless him.
    I put a fruit cake in the cooker a while ago and it won’t be long until we are enjoying a slice with a cup of tea. I love it when it’s still warm.

  6. My twowould side with your youngest any day of the week!

  7. Made us both smile. Dear youngest, as you say, lives to the beat of his own drum. Bless him!!!
    No alcohol, what about the port that went in each year? xx

  8. Fruit cake for me I think. x

  9. I'm with your youngest on the Yorkies! I'm not a fan of dried fruit!


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