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Blogtober 23 - A Wuffing good walk

Moss here ... fink I bes put my bes paw furward and type a tail from today's furbulous walk.

Wos dat?

Dere wuz sticks and fings to chase, mud to run through and lots of sticks.

Dere wus paths to follow and run up and down, up and down, up and down! 

Wot was dat?
Wot wus dat? Oh nuffink.

Where wus I,  ah yes.
I find da bes drinkin' places, lap... lap... lap dis one tastes nice an clean!
C'mon, wotcha waitin' fur?

Deres more paths ta follow.

Look! I's finds a gate!

Hi - I've taken my laptop back Moss was getting a bit 'pawsey' with it!
We had a lovely walk - Moss thought it was brilliant - she may not have said it as much but her face radiated joy and she must have the biggest and best stick collection a dog could ever want! Sadly (not) we had to leave it behind!



  1. Thanks for sharing your walk with us, Moss! It seems like you had a really lovely time!

  2. Oh, bless her heart.
    Unrecognisable from the scared girl who was terrified of a door shutting, of a raised voice, who could not lay and rest and lived on adrenaline . . .

  3. Another Moss but female. Hi, just picked you up on my blog. Loved my old collie Moss on walks, so sensible. Now I go virtual walks with with Max and his two companions in the Lake District. Dogs are such good fun.

  4. I just love Moss' happy face - not so sure about her spelling wich is somewot awful. !!


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