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Blogtober day 13 - Isn't nature amazing!

Just look what we found today at work - isn't just a thing of natural beauty? The twigs were in a bucket destined for the compost and somehow in the clear up on Friday it was missed. So today when we opened the glasshouse we discovered this delicate transient moment of natural magic. By the afternoon, the mushrooms had faded and all but 'melted' away.
In between the light yet persistent showers, I managed to escape into the garden to plant a row of the most gorgeous chunky little broad bean seedlings - they have such strapping roots and vibrant optimism. The soil is still warm and the row of beans are tucked up under several snug cloches. I'll open each one daily until the weather gets a little too fiercesome for these wee things then they will sit out winter until it is warm enough for them to frolic in the spring sunshine🌱🌞
My apprentice decided today was the day to take down the now decaying climbing beans. They towered above us and have given the most glorious spectacle throughout summer. Now as they fade, their last hurrah are their 'magic beans' - are they not soooo pretty? 

 Has anything caught your eye today?


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