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Blogtober day 24 - taking the slow lane

Today gave us no illusions of a lingering Indian summer as it seems that autumn is definitely here. We watched the rain fly across our view through the window while we sipped tea first thing this morning. The clouds seemed in a hurry too, rapidly sliding across the dreary grey sky.

It was a good thing that we went walking yesterday when, despite the greyness of the sky, there was warmth in the air and colour all around. The woodland we visited smelt damp and earth rich and the leaves were shades of bright orange through to red, browns and creams.
Odd fungi abounded - from the tiny little bright orange 'Yellow Stag's Horn' which when you compare it to the fronds of the sphagnum moss, you can see how small and delicate it is; to the large peach coloured bracket fungus which I suspect may be a Birch Polypore.

We followed a path blanketed by fallen leaves when we stumbled upon a strew of green and red crab apples, we must have stood on some as the air was filled with a crisp sharp apple scent making our mouths water at the thought of the very acidic tangy juice.

Although plenty of bird song, there were very few insects about - apart from this sticker of a bumblebee on the road sign.

On such a dull day - the more subtle and probably over looked colours seemed prevalent, the soft tan browns of the front door glowed in the dull light as did the red leaves on the wall climber.
The bracken in the gill still looked gloriously fiery in shades of yellows, lime, rust and terracotta yet it's brackeny cousins on the top of the hill were already a dull dead brown.

And just in case you ever wondered if there were ever any stars on earth - the answer is yes - 'Earthstars' or Geastrum - a type of puff ball - strange creatures indeed.
A tiny family of tiny Mycena, I am not sure which variety, seemed to be strolling through a mossy scene on a rotting piece of fallen wood.

So, while Moss was stick hunting, puddle splashing, water drinking, sniffing, running and generally taking life at high speed - we slowed down to see the smaller things, the less visible, the quiet and the decaying. Yes, Autumn is definitely here.



  1. Yes, you did walk on the best day this weekend. What a fantastic lot of Fungi you have photographed. Yes, Autumn is definitely here and what with the clocks going back this weekend, a definite sign. πŸ¦΄πŸ˜€

    1. We always try and make the most of a good day - coz, as you know the weather changes at the drop of a hat!

  2. What a beautiful walk. I am amazed by all the different fungi this year as it seems more than ever. The different rosehips and berries are so colourful too.

    1. Thank you Jean, there does seem to have been a lot of fungi - I agree😊

  3. Your walks are always so interesting. You to get time to look at the fungi etc whilst I am generally told to hurry up! Never seen an Earthstar. Such a pity they are not edible as the bracket fungi are begging to be fried with butter and a hint of garlic.... x


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