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Blogtober day 21 - excuse me madam your pantaloons are showing

We're sitting listening to the radio, the fire is crackling away, we've eaten and for the first time today I have warmed up.  I look up and notice a certain iceberg quietly melting her eyeballs by the fire. I prod Himself and we look at the overfloof - the fluffy 'pantaloon' fur hanging off the edge of the stone.

Our conversation goes thus...

How is it cat's can 'move' under their skins as if it is a poncho type onesie. You know, when a dog sits down you could put your hand between their body and their knee but if you tried to do that to the princess you couldn't - it is coz she is ....

A blob?

No hahah ... well yes. But I mean - she sits down and and is 'inside' her skin....

It is because she is just fat

No! umm well, she's big, she's a big cat


What I was saying - if you tried to put your hand between her rib cage and her knee .....

She'd shred you?

No - well ... yes. But not you'd not get your hand ....

Away in time and end up shredded?

Stop it - she is listening!

(At this point we both start to laugh ... the ears are facing us and have been for most of the conversation)

Do you think she knows we are talking about her?

Take a picture before she stalks off

(I reach for my cell snap a couple of cat photos we start to laugh again)

What is that extra bit of floof by her tail? Is it the top of ...

Her pantaloons?

No, if she stood up - is that the top of ....

Her jazz pants?

Stop it - she is listening!

(the conversation at this points ceases coz we are laughing too much)

Cue cat getting up, giving us the mega-death-stare-of-doom and stalking off to nap on back of the settee.... in her 'dent' that she has created..... on the blanket that protects the fabric..... against all that floof.... 



  1. The indignity of being talked about!!

    1. I know! She was definitely put out but we've been forgiven now - she's sitting next to me as I type :D

  2. Haha ..l I know exactly what you mean … it’s almost as though their skin is a sleeping bag πŸ˜‚

    1. Yes THAT is it EXACTLY - a skin sleeping bag (particularly for cats haha)

  3. Poor Pan. She knew you were making fun of her!! 😾 xx

  4. I needed some peace, light and comfort from this solemn world so...I stopped by to drift through your blog. I've caught up a bit and will be back tomorrow to read more. The cat post was just perfect!

    1. Lovely to hear from you Vicki - so glad you dropped in and drifted through :) hope you are well xxx

  5. I love the conversation, it reminds me of the times my partner and I would be talking about the dogs and he would suddenly say "They can hear us you know"

    Now please feel free to delete any or all of this comment and I don't want you to think I'm poking my nose in, but is Pan okay sitting so close to the fire like that? I only ask because several years ago I had a cat who did the same thing quite regularly until one night she started breathing very heavily. The following morning she was really struggling so I took her to the vet where x-rays/scans showed that one lung had failed completely and she only had 20% capacity in the other - there was nothing they could do for her so I had to let her go. The vet said that although there was no concrete proof that sitting so close to the fire had caused the lung collapse it was more than likely that it had as she was otherwise a very healthy cat. I was beyond devastated and truly heartbroken - I'd never thought that sitting so close to the fire could have adversely affected her over a period of time, to us it was just one of the quirky things she did. Needless to say none of my cats have been allowed anywhere near the fire since then. Now you're not daft, and from reading your posts I know you think the world of your pets, but maybe this is something you haven't thought about. I hope this comment doesn't offend, as I said, please delete if necessary x

    1. Eunice - I am not offended in the slightest! Thank you for sharing something that was so sad for you :( Pan will sit there when the fire is not chuffing out lots of heat - it is her way of letting us know that she sees us as failures! As soon as she warms up or the fire starts to give off (what the cat deems as suitable) heat then she retires - sending hugs x

  6. Is it any wonder that Pan sometimes ignores you or seems grumpy? I like to think she talks about you too!



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