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Blogtober day 17 - smoke signals


hello Sunday what shall we get up to today? 

Well how about I try to make a mental note of what happens through out the day and attach photos - sort of a 'photo an hour' type thing ? (pffft as if I can remember to do that!!) 

8am aka Cat-o-clock or 'where's my breakfast and can I go out now please'.  Which, once she'd been out and come straight back in, turned into 'Stop the rain I don't like it!'
9.30 (ish) Moss hiding from the very scary goings on downstairs .... Himself was cleaning the chimney and the vacuum cleaner is a rather industrially noisy one. We cover all the furniture and I remove soft furnishings and plants before he starts. Moss does not like her 'safe space' to be different so she escaped to her bed and kept a very wary eye out in case the noisy monster slipped out of Himself's clutches and came upstairs after her!
Also 9.30 ish ish I started another soup in the slow cooker for lunch - this would leave me free to help clean up post chimney wrestling (and it is definitely a hard wrestle Himself has, as the chimney puts up quite a fight each time). This soup was just a random selection of vegetables (cabbage, onion, carrot, lentils, tin of tomatoes, seasoning and Cajun spices) and again the house filled with a delicious scent as it quietly simmered away.
10.30ish (sort of) you can just about spot Himself through the dust sheets we hang up to keep any escaping soot sprites (and their pungent sooty odour) from contaminating the rest of the house. 
11am (well around there coz I put the kettle on for elevensies) Himself and his mucky knees reveal themselves from behind the dust sheet - Ta Da! (His toes were keen to join in...)
11.30 ish All the plants removed from the lounge have taken turns in the 'spa day in the kitchen' having been given a good soaking, a leaf wipe, some repotted, others mulched, leaves trimmed and general molly-coddling.
12pm (this I am certain of as I popped a fruit cake in the oven at this point) but on the one occasion I can be sure of the timing ... I did not take a photo - so let's just pretend this lovely image of an Aeonium in it's soft autumnal shades of green is a bowl of simmering fruits, nuts, sugar, butter and ginger spices....
1.45pm Lunch time (well, by now we were fit to fall over post chimney-sweep-tidy-up which was still very much work in progress)
Himself earlier had been dispatched off for a shower - those mucky legs were just a precursor to the sooty face and arms which seemed to appear soon after!  We sat blissfully slurping a rather tasty soup and chewing on warmed naan bread.
Somewhere between 2.30 and 3(ish) we'd finished, the plants returned, the carpet vacuumed, all shelves, surfaces and books dusted, soft furnishings replaced and dust sheets churning over in the washing machine - we took ourselves and Moss (who had to be encouraged to come back downstairs) off for a walk. Fortunately it had finally stopped raining.

4.45pm or 15 minutes to dog food time (except we decided she be fed there and then) We sat down, with a mug of tea each, a slice of that previously un-photographed fruit cake and stared at the clean fire, the only sound ... us munching, a cat purring and a dog snoring.

And now at 7.31pm (I've looked at my laptop clock ).... Pan is dozing a shade too close to the quietly ticking over fire, Himself is bumbling about upstairs, Moss is still snoring with the occasional twitching foot and I am typing here while I listen to the radio.

That was our Sunday - more or less, it was full and busy yet quiet and simple. 

How was your weekend?
Did you get out and about?
Did you tackle chores at home?
Did you have rain too?


*edited to add : I am a bit annoyed with myself and the spambots and blogger ... noticed this morning I'd received a rash of spam comments, so ticked them as spam. Unfortunately with the latest way blogger has been set out - the spam messages although not shown on the blog - are stored on the list of saved comments. So I then re-ticked them to delete not realising that they'd already been taken across to the normal comments page so the entire page of comments were deleted..... grrrrrrr
  • cross with myself for being so unobservant
  • annoyed by those stupid folk who set up the 'g00gle-translate-english' comments of utter nonsense - to what gain??
  • Particularly ticked off by blogger for their not thought through updates and the inability to either get a reply to any queries or to be able to retrieve a mistaken trashed comment.....  hey ho.


  1. A nice ticking over but busy day..a bit like ours!

  2. What a job that was. Is it done once a year? You (and Moss) will be so glad it's all done. We managed one walk this weekend, yes we had some rain and I finally finished sorting my craft room out (took about a week....); I still have a lot of stuff! x

    1. It is a bit of job and we do it twice - leading up to using the fire more (so a pre winter tidy up) and then after when the weather starts to warm up, leaving it clear for the sporadic cooler day fires.
      Been on a go slow with walking as I have a painful heel Plantar fasciitis strikes again! Bit better today (new inserts in my boots) but now it is raining!
      I find tidying a craft room takes ages - you end up playing with all the toys! Well I do😁


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