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Blogtober day 14 - LARGE strawberry and small mushroom

Somehow I am not sure if this particular strawberry plant received the memo... you know the one - summer has ended, please go dormant.... So it seems there is now an urgent race between the ripening strawberry and the autumnal weather - who will cross the line first?!?

On the other end of the scale ... how small is this?? it was not the first mushroom we spotted in the cut-and-come-again flower bed, it was only after I'd taken a photograph or two of the other fungi that my colleague saw this tiny dot of a fruiting body!

And just for comparison (apart from the looming finger) these are the originally spotted fruiting bodies and they are about 2cm tall.... amazing little things (but what I did not notice until I 'enbiggened' the image on the laptop - something even smaller hds been nibbling the edge of the lower mushroom).

What eeeny weeeeeeny teeni-tiny things have you spotted recently?


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