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Blogtober day 9 - sweet sweet scent

When I first met Himself, he took me back to his childhood home where it was the first time I'd ever come across hyacinth bulb jars.

Over the years I've had one or two different varieties but they were never as robust or as well balanced as the ones I have now.

I've recently rejoined the RHS (for non UK folk, that is the Royal Horticultural Society) and with that received a rather nice introductory voucher to go shopping with. So I did!

I can not wait for the house to fill with that glorious scent which wafts from the hyacinth blossom, it almost makes up for waiting for spring during a dreary wet Northern winter!



  1. I've got my bulbs ready to do this week; I treated myself to two very pretty vintage bulb vases, and the other four bulbs will go into a bowl with bulb fibre. I'm growing the delft blue ones this year, my favourite of the colours. The scent is indescribable :)

  2. I got my vintage vases off e-bay, but perhaps I shouldn't tell you that ;) lol

  3. They are beautiful, but I react to the perfume.

  4. My mission for tomorrow.Go and buy some hyacinth bulbs.I havn’t done that for years.Thank you.

  5. How exciting! You've got roots! What fun can be had with hyacinths :) x

  6. Lovely strong roots appearing. They are going to look and smell gorgeous. πŸ˜€πŸ¦΄πŸ¦΄


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