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Blogtober day 11 - reflections

Himself and I - as part of his birthday celebrations - were up in the Lake District for the weekend. We were spoilt by wall to wall sunshine and gentle autumn warmth.
We parked up in Torver - a small village near Coniston and for a small donation (the requested amount is £5) you can use the village hall car park for an over night stay. It was a quiet green space surrounded by fields and hills - we'd rather pay for a simple space with the money going to a community than pay an extortionate price for a field with facilities we don't need or use.
Our walk today took us through the fields and woodlands down to Coniston Water. Moss could not believe her eyes when she saw so much water and as soon as she could, she was in and splashing happily.
I went to the edge of the jetty and just revelled in the blue-ness of the lake and the sky. Moss came too but was a little unsettled by the slight bounce that came with walking along the planks. So I sat her down and took pictures. The air felt clear and tasted crisp - definitely with a tang of autumn and earth.

I loved the clarity of the water, you could see through the reflections and see the pebbles below - well you could until.....
...a certain dog paddled and splooshed to her heart's content!
I took many photos today - of which several I am delighted with - one of them is this one - the colours and the reflections sum up today beautifully.

Thank you everyone who wrote such lovely comments over the last few days (particularly for Himself's birthday and the ice cream thieving hairy woofer posts). I've  replied now I am home, for some reason blogger would not let me before!


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  1. I love your favourite picture too. How nice to have found a decent overnight site where you could support the local community too. Keep meaning to say how gorgeous your new banner picture is...sort of brightens up these rather dull days at the moment. xx πŸ˜€πŸ¦΄πŸ¦΄


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