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Boy and camera #30DaysWild Day 23

On Saturday Eldest idly picked up my camera. 
We were in the garden and after a morning of drizzle and grey skies, the sun had now appeared and the garden seemed to shake itself from it's stupor and glow in the light. 
I watched as he wandered around taking photos of the flowers.
 His technique seemed to be to slowly approach a plant, camera casually slung around his neck. He would slouch and rest on one leg while the other sort just hung about. He would almost absent-mindedly lift the camera and point it at his chosen subject.
Then his picture taken, he would carelessly amble across the lawn, yawn and look around indifferently then take up another typical teenage stance - casual yet cool, would take another picture. This continued for quite some time.  Then, almost in an off hand way, he returned my camera and wandered off to the house to find something to eat. 
He took nearly 70 photos..... I only had to discard three - the rest are amazing - 
think I must get him to take more - don't you?

He spent probably nearly 3/4 hour in silence almost immersing himself in the plants and the camera - job done :)

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. Well done Eldest! Great photos too. I think you deserve credit for the collages!

  2. Wow, they are wonderful. Of course I just love flowers and wish I could grow some of those here, but as long as you post the gorgeous photos, I'll be able to at least dream. Take care.

  3. Fantastic photos - he has talent! :)

  4. You had better watch out. You have a rival in the family. They are beautiful pictures. Well done Eldest!! xx

  5. They're beautiful - well done, Eldest! I do love a good flower photo :)
    Cathy x

  6. Send him over here! I have been woefuly neglectful this year and taken virtually no photos of the plants and flowers.


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