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Simple pleasures #30DaysWild Day 27

Gentle foraging 
A singular delight

Chewing grass stems
Eating hawthorn shoots

Nibbling oxalis - our faces pinching at the acidic flavour
Feasting on field dock relishing it's sharp lemon taste

We have collected wild field mushrooms*
Gorged on escaped raspberries, 
collected bilberries until our fingers turned purple with their juices,
picked cherries, crab apples, wild strawberries and wild plums.

we've been scratched selecting the choicest blackberries
Stung trying to reach a ripened fruity morsel.

And been 'intoxicated' by the lightest sip of nectar
from the base of the tubular flowers of red clover.

A moment of sweet bliss :)

 #30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.

*What ever you do - picking mushrooms can be a mine field - be very careful!

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  1. Lovely foraging memories. I have another to add and no need to go further than our gardens to do it....sucking the nectar out of the long tube on nasturtiums. ..............xx


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