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Reclaiming spaces #30DaysWild Day 20

It never ceases to amaze me...
 ...the tenacity of plants.
  The way they quietly 
reclaim their space...
 as they gently engulf 
old buildings,
and neglected walls.


  1. I fight a battle with ivy on a non- neglected wall! Have a great weekend. X

  2. Just browsing and looking back over your last few post and all these photos make me want to get out and about soon just to take snapshots! I need to get into a mundane snapshots mode and forget about the silent monuments pics that just say monument to me. You prove there is so much beauty to see in the obvious.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  3. It is amazing isn't it, how plants can sprout out of walls and flourish. I have a running battle with ivy on my garden fence. I do love how green it looks compared to the fence panels but if I let it grow through it'll break the fence all up.

  4. I am loving the way you are definitely 'seeing things through different eyes'. I see dandelions growing in walls, you see a lovely plant tenaciously clinging on in a crack. You are opening our eyes too. xx

  5. Lovely photos! I have a large snapdragon plant which has been growing out of the rocks in my front garden wall for a couple of years now. It's amazing that they find any soil to grow in!
    Cathy x


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