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From sea to sky #30DaysWild Day 2

Auchencairn - 'field of stones'.
A small coastal village in Galloway we love dearly.
It has a broad and shallow bay 
which when it completely empties 
means you can walk out to Heston Island
that guards the mouth of the bay.
Eldest deep in thought.
We sat on the bay edge and ate our lunch and 
schemed a plan to walk out to the island.
Our access would be controlled by the tides and the weather.
A small island - so full of mystery and history yet so small.
we were very excited. 
That walk was for another day 
as it would take over an hour just to get to the coastline 
nearest to Heston before we could set off
across the rack of shells, shingle and stone 
bridging mainland to island. 
So today, we turned inland after we'd eaten
and walked up Screel Hill.
Not a huge ascent but certainly a rough and steep climb.
Once at the top - the views were most rewarding.

 Auchencairn and Heston Island in the far distance, 
with Robin Rigg wind farm on the horizon.
I felt as if I was right in the sky and it was exhilarating!

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. lovely pictures

  2. I love stopping in and seeing where you've been. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. It looks awesome! Among my current woes is a problem with my kneecap which doesn't stop me walking on the flat but is making hills impossible ... I can't wait for it to heal!

  4. Looks wonderful and no rain!!!
    I assume your knee is ok with all those hills? I'm much better off on the flat or gentle inclines. I won't be tackling anything too steep for a while! X

  5. Fabulous photos, and I must put Auchencairn on my list of places to visit!

  6. How beautiful! Looks like you had sunshine for your walking - it does you the power of good to get away to somewhere so lovely and recharge your batteries, doesn't it?
    Cathy x

  7. Oh, these photos of your holiday are just stunning. I've evidently never been up that way and should put it on my "long" list of must see next time in UK. We watched Homes by the Sea with Charlie Luxton last night and it was on Skye, a place I actually love and cried when we left. Looking forward to more. Take care.

  8. Seems you might have been blessed with sun during your walks. I like the mouse trails!

  9. As ever, gorgeous photographs. I am not a great fan of wind turbines as they always seem to be in a beautiful part of the country but the last photographs is magical. They seem to be floating in the sky.Lovely. xx


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