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Happy families #30DaysWild Day 14

A few years ago, Youngest was given as a present - a bird house kit.  The type that comes as a Swedish style flat pack and an impossibly beautiful picture of the finished article.  Youngest (with help from Himself) made it up, painted in bright colours and hid it in a tree.  He waited expectantly for bird to move in..... and he waited....and waited....then after 10 minutes he gave up.  Several years later, when the paint faded and the box had slipped down deep in to the branches.....a couple blue tits decided that this was the bird house of their dreams.
For days now, we have heard the fledglings trilling but not been able to see them or their parents.
Until Saturday when it was just Himself and I in the garden. 

Quietly pottering, him working on his bicycle and me in the greenhouse planting out seedlings and re-potting house plants we kept hearing a rash of fledgling song and decided to investigate.
We caught movement in the corner of the garden, so I set up my camera on a tripod and waited....and waited...and waited (at least 10 minutes!) when I was rewarded by two birds flying in and feeding the chicks and removing the meconium as the parents flew off to forage for the next course of worms and grubs.
 I took 57 pictures and kept may be 5 at the most.  Happy Happy.

Then something unusual thing happened.
At the bottom of the garden - a grey squirrel! I'd gone down to the compost bays to empty a bucket of weeds and there it was - sitting watching me!
Never seen one here before.
I called for Himself to bring the camera and we quickly caught our unusual visitor to our garden.

Not all the residents in our garden are feathered or fluffy - as in the greenhouse I had a Stimgatogaster... a what?? Sorry, I'll say it again....I had a yellow Stigmatogaster subterranea in the compost I'd carried into the greenhouse to pot on my plants.

So you now know :)

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. What a sweet little fellow! Great snapshots :-). Wishing you many sunny and happy hours today!

  2. Great pics and impressive visitors ....

  3. I think it's great when birds nest into the garden, we've had blackbirds this year but alas blue tits have always found better accomodation elsewhere. You're so lucky!

  4. those moments...so simple, so special all at once. The colour of the Blue tits is amazing. We don't have them here. The same thing happened one year when I plunked an old bird house on a nail and lo and behold some Bewicks wrens moved in. The next spring I secured it a bit better and they came back. This year the Violet green swallows decided it was the home of their dreams.

  5. The days are flying past and I just have to catch up with your blog when I can. Loving the wild posts. xxxx

  6. How lovely to have the blue tits in your bird box. We put up two years ago and they still stand empty. Wrong place, wrong view or something. Love your squirrel picture. We do enjoy our visitors. Mum squirrel brought her two babies here, showed them where they food supply is kept, then pushed off and we have not seen her again. It happens every year, then she turns up again a few weeks later. No idea why. xx


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