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'Beeing buzzy' #30DaysWild Day 11

This is my 400th post in my present guise of I live,I love etc -hello to those who have been with me since the beginning -hope you are not bored yet!! (and for those who followed me over from 11am - you had to wade through 580 posts) who knew I could waffle that much!

Today's connecting with nature is really a reminder of a lovely late spring lunch time break, when I met the boys for a brief hour and sat among wild-flowers and bees. The whole village green buzzed with life and we sat fascinated at the busy-ness of the bumblebees :)

A brief post - very tired tonight - but determined to complete my #30DaysWild, if you are interested in what others are doing with their blogs follow the link below and see how we are all connecting with nature during the month of June. 

It is a lovely initiative by the Wildlife Trusts all over the country celebrating with events, ideas, with suggestions for nature walks, things to make and places to visit. 

Follow the link and be challenged, be inspired and enjoy!

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. Many congrats on your 400th post what an achievement! Lovely pics of Mr Bumble, I love seeing bees buzzing around in the summer :)

  2. Excellent photos of the bees - it can be difficult to capture them, as they tend to fly off just as you get them in focus!!

  3. 400 posts! I hope there will be plenty more.... Just love bees. Cannot have enough pictures of bees or just the sheer joy of seeing bees outside on my plants.

  4. Brilliant photos of the bee - so clear. :) x

  5. Lovely bumblebee pictures. I have more flowers on my chives than ever before but so far this year we have not seen a single bumblebee on them. xx

  6. Oh well done lovely! You're a breath of fresh air! xo

  7. Congratulations, and wonderful bee photos! They really are gorgeous in close-up :)
    Cathy x


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