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Stone stacks #30DaysWild Day 18

For Jak & Dad (thanks for the tea and biscuits :) )

Something I always find time for - is building stone stacks.  There is something quietly satisfying when, after several attempts, I can step back from a wobbly pile of stone and admire my 'art work'.
Over the years I have perfected my towers (well that is what I keep telling myself) but they still fall down :) So lots more practice needed!

  Have you tried making stone stacks? It is done world wide and in some places these piles have spiritual meanings.
On a grander scale than my own are the Inukshuk  stones built to represent a figure, to mark a route or a spiritual place. These inuksuit (plural) can vary in size from a small model to huge ones that dominate the skyline. I would love to try and make one... may be this is a challenge for the weekend! 

Thank you so much for your comments, I love hearing from you, you make my day and make my heart go squeeeee!

What are you doing in your wild life? 
Are you joining in? 
I have to say we are thoroughly enjoying ours :)

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. No, i've never built a stone stack but something I will put on my list of activities for when my little people join me, I think it could be fun!

  2. I hope you have ticked building stone stacks off your list now! Lovely seeing the stone pictures again as well as all the holiday photographs. xx

  3. I have never built a stone stack, so I shall add that to my list of things to do!

  4. Funnily, I've fancied making a stone stack but have never got round to it. I did think about an Andy Goldsworthy conical shape of stones..... am still thinking about that!


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