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Walking in the woods #30DaysWild Day 3

Hi - thank you for your comments, it's lovely hearing from you :) Annie Cholewa and SaraJ  - you both mentioned your knees in your comments.

My knee is still 'incomplete' and will always be - I can not fully trust its stability nor ever will. I have recently taken to using Nordic style walking poles to great success - I am more stable on rough ground and can walk almost to the same standard as before my knee was injured - going up hill is now achievable and going down hill is bearable (whereas it was impossible before).

Now back to -

Walking in the woods....

Carstramon Woods to be precise.
Wall to wall blue.
Heavenly scented.
We arrived in a heavy summer shower 

which stopped as suddenly as it started.
Stepping into the woods
with dappled sun and twinkling foliage,
pure magic.
 As the bells warmed up
the air was filled with their scent.

A micro-adventure
in a woodland
all by ourselves 

Briefly we had company,
 Then she was gone.

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. Beautiful photos and you were so lucky that a deer dropped by to say hello.
    I think more and more people are using those nordic poles here for walking. My issue with walking over hilly terrain isn't the walking up but the coming down. As i've got older I'm scared of slipping and falling. Those sticks would be a great help.

  2. oh those bluebells. gorgeous xxx

  3. Beautiful, and oh how I love bluebell woods. Didn't realise they had a perfume. I've thought about Nordic walking poles, as I find going down hill hard on my feet (arthritis in both big toes), which doesn't sound much, but is painful. The deer is so pretty. Thanks for taking us with you. Take care.

  4. Stunning - I'm sure we have some of the walking poles (Matt "required" them when he was smaller) I'll try and look them out as they might help my wonky foot too! :) x

  5. Lovely photos, the bluebells are beautiful! x

  6. Bluebells are stunning, carpets of blue in our woodlands.

  7. In my head, I am singing "The Bluebells of Scotland" a song I learned many years ago as a child! Stunning photos - I love photos of ferns all curled up. And I am envious of the deer photos - I haven't seen a deer round here for ages!

  8. Beautiful photos, Hawthorn, bluebell woods are just enchanting, aren't they?

  9. Great bluebells! My husband has banned me from having Nordic poles, after I nearly impaled him several times.....

  10. What gorgeous bluebells in a fairytale wood. Thank you for sharing that walk with us.xx


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