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Walking on Summer Solstice Sunday #30DaysWild Day22

Today we celebrated Father's day (My Dad and Himself)
 Today we marked the longest day
 Today we walked in the Midsummer sunshine
 Today we listened to lapwings call above our heads
 Today we stopped at St Helen's well - where ribbons and gifts adorn the trees
Today we walked as a family, enjoying each other's company, enjoying the breeze and the views
Today we breathed in the air and felt the sun
and we savoured the day.

View of dark brooding clouds, Lapwing in newly sown field, Lapwing above my head, 
The entrance into St Helen's well, The emptied canal near Gargrave under maintenance

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. The longest day, doesn't it seem to come round so quickly. Glad you got to do nice things on father's day.

  2. What a lovely walk!

  3. At least you found some decent weather; as all I had was awfulness!

  4. It was lovely sharing Father's Day with you all. Thank you. x Looks like it was a lovely walk in spite of the rather cool weather that day. xx


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