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Tired legs, sore feet, smiling face #30DaysWild Day 28

Saturday started off with clear skies and fleeting clouds. This was all the encouragement we needed - after a week of work and school and dreary weather, all this sunshine was not to be wasted!
First we had stop off at my work to drop off two 'sheep scarecrows' we'd made as part of the town's flowerpot festival which is also undergoing a MAJOR yarnbombing - more about that in another post :) Then having set up the sheep (also a story for another day) we picked up some provisions and set of for a 19km walk.

I have to say that I am just too tired (but good tired) to do anything more than post these photos of our wonderful day out on a micro-adventure, I have loads more I want to show you, but not now, so please excuse me if I stop here xx


  1. You certainly picked a good day for your walk as today is not so nice! Funny you have taken a photo of a heron on a stone wall.......

  2. gorgeous photos, can't wait to see more x

  3. 19 kms! No wonder you were tired, even if it was a 'good tired'. I am just plain tired thinking about it!! Lovely photographs, looking forward to seeing more. xx

  4. It looks like you had a summery walk - lovely photos!
    Cathy x


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