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Won't you join us? #30DaysWild Day 29

It's not raining!
C'mon in
We're having scones and tea 
on the lawn 
Follow the garden path

Here we are!

Sitting in the unexpected sunshine
on the grass
brushing scone crumbs off our faces 
Smiling at a happy cat
and listening to the chuck chuck chuck of an annoyed mistle thrush

And later we'll watch
the sun sink
below the hedge 
 and shine the evening light
through petals.
Giving us the space and time to think
to talk
to breathe.

Day 28 of 30 days of wild - this Sunday we were in our own little space of wild, 
our own small oasis, 
our refuge from the maddening crowd, 
setting us ready for what the working week will bring
strengthening us and rejuvenating us

I hope your Sunday
gave you the same
wonderful feeling
as our small space of earth
did for us.
Blessings x


  1. I've loved the journey with you through your 30 days of wild. I've not been commenting, but enjoying so much. The garden looks lovely as do the scones. Your cat is so like my late Tabitha, it's quite uncanny. Did you crochet your ripple rug? Take care.

  2. Love this post; great idea. My Sunday was good, once the awful rain went. Beautiful end to the day. Well done on your Wild Day posts; what a marathon for you it much have been.

  3. Yes, well done. You have given much pleasure and shown us things, the little things, that we might have otherwise missed. Garden looks good and the scones delicious. xx

  4. Your garden is delightful. I've been reading through all your 30 days of wild posts and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I'm now following your blog.


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