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My wild life #30DaysWild Day 17

My list of Random Acts of Wildness.

Half way through my 30 days of wild and I thought I'd share the pledges The Wildlife Trust suggest to help get closer to nature.
I have already completed some, have plans to do others but some og suggestions I will never be able to complete!
I have added links to as many as I can -so if you have the stamina you can see what we have been up to.

  1. Scribble a poem  (well sort of a poem - more free style than rhyming...)
  2. Sunbath like daisies (umm - need the sun for that, so might just chance a quick sit with daisies instead!)
  3. Admire the setting sun (check!)
  4. Survey like a scientist (Himself and Youngest are more likely to do this, I observe for the pleasure)
  5. Nap in the grass (have to admit to lying down in long grass to escape a sharp breeze - but no napping)
  6. Team up with neighbours (difficult as we all work, but I know that some of our neighbours relish the great outdoors too)
  7. Ring like an expert (probably unlikely)
  8. Detect for bats (done done done!!)
  9. Watch a wild webcam (already do - if you fancy a look try Wildlife Webcam, Wildlifetv or for something COMPLETELY different - try one close to my heart - Africam.
  10. Quiz your colleagues 
  11. Help wildlife in need
  12. Bake for wild life (done done done)
  13. Track wild creatures - we have often followed bird tracks in the sand or inspected paw prints in mud or peat hoping to encourage the boys to investigate further
  14. Spotlight wild ponds
  15. Tune in by switching off (Love it when we go camping - the laptops and mobiles get left alone)
  16. Lunch in the wild (done done done)
  17. Build for beetles (done done done)
  18. Sketch up close (re-discovered my love of drawing)
  19. Treat yourself to a wild weekend (yes please)
  20. Feel the grass beneath your toes 
  21. Sail down stream
  22. Hide in a hide
  23. Mix a while cocktail (this needs further investigation!)
  24. Imagine you're flying
  25. Create a wild work of art
  26. Compete with friends
  27. Map your wild neighbourhood
  28. Explore a wild place nearby
  29. Contact your Wildlife Trust
  30. Picnic with the birds
  31. Change your perspective
  32. Encourage wild at work
  33. Publish in the papers
  34. Go slow with a snail 
  35. Play under the stars (fully plan on doing this again - bring on the wild camping!)
  36. Balance rocks on the beach
  37. Swim in the wild (might be a bit chilly for me)
  38. Cook in the sunshine (done done done)
  39. Sweep like an entomologist
  40. Print with natural dyes (hmmm like the idea of this one)
  41. Magic on June 23rd (to celebrate St John) but we are going to celebrate June 21st - the longest day!
  42. Investigate tracks and signs (yup - done that)
  43. Bond with colleagues (I work with some wild characters but I am not sure that is what this means!)
  44. Wear a flower in your hair - oh yes!
  45. Scatter seedbombs (done that)
  46. Scale to great heights (left my tree climbing days in my childhood however my three men do that still!)
  47. Leave a wild corner (my entire garden must be a wild corner.....)
  48. Decorate with a forest mobile - sounds good :)
  49. Showcase on a nature table (done that)
  50. Grow borage for bees (yup)
  51. Indulge with a natural facemask
  52. Visit beautiful meadows - as often as we can
  53. Dig a wild pond (have one already)
  54. Party in a wild garden
  55. Paddle in rock pools (need to go to the coast - what an excellent idea!)
  56. Note your sightings (done)
  57. Tell stories about the wild - something we all do :)
  58. Climb for a wild view (yup!)
  59. Scoop a wild news story
  60. Complete wildlife watch awards- for young children
  61. Share your favourite tree
  62. Stay up on a summer's eve
  63. Think before you buy (we try to)
  64. Wake up with the dawn (plan to)
  65. Shine a light on moths
  66. Make a mossy matt
  67. Develop your skills
  68. Retreat to a wild hideout
  69. Discover urban wildness (fancy this one)
  70. Green your walls
  71. Plant a mini meadow
  72. Trail using nature
  73. Improve your 'hood
  74. Buy a wild magazine
  75. Blog about wildlife (yay!)
  76. Sip in the wild (done that!)
  77. Gaze at the moon (done done done)
  78. Start a wild adventure
  79. Record wild sounds
  80. Look up to the sky
  81. Workout in the wild
  82. Immerse yourself in nature (as often as we can)
  83. Encounter your favourite species (a definite favourite)
  84. Find your inner wild (during lunch breaks)
  85. Levitate a leaf
  86. Design a home for wildlife (done)
  87. Follow a bumble bee (done)
  88. Dance in a downpour
  89. Read a wild book
  90. Challenge yourself to learn
  91. Tweet for the wild
  92. Invite a friend into nature
  93. Snap a wild colour 
  94. Write to your MP (he is sick of me !)
  95. Restore a place for wildlife
  96. Dangle your feet in wild water (brrrrrr)
  97. Save a life
  98. Meditate in a wild place (a fantastic feeling)
  99. Exercise in the wild
  100. Inhale a wild scent (yup)
  101. Cuddle your favourite tree (done)

Sorry - I hadn't realised how many there were until I started typing! 

What are you doing in your wild life? 
Are you joining in? 
I have to say we are thoroughly enjoying ours :)

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. No time to garden this year so the whole garden is going wild; what a quick process it is proving to be. Have read your list and have come to the conclusion I need another whole life to be able to tick every one! Keep going, you are doing well.

  2. What an enormous list, I wouldn't know where to start, but you're doing a great job and it's been great reading your posts and seeing your photos.

  3. Living in the middle of nowhere, I probably cover quite a few of these in my everyday life! Our garden is bird friendly, but as we are surrounded by fields we don't have to leave a corner to be wild. And if you like donkeys and sheep, check out tomorrow's post!

  4. You are doing well but have forgotten No 36. You have balanced rocks on beaches and river banks in Northumberland, Galloway, Wales, Lancashire, Yorkshire........................!!! xx


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