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Sowing seeds #30DaysWild Day 10

There is something rather special when after sowing batches of seeds, a couple of days later, a close inspection shows the teeniest tiniest littlest shoot and it makes your heart skip with happiness.
Gardening is a glorious way to connect with the earth and nature  - I love it :)

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. You're right. We had decided not to plant any seeds this year but our little green house looked so bare and sad that we planted just a few courgette seeds, cut and come lettuce and sun flower seeds. Now that the sun flowers are outside in the garden, we have some pepper plants growing in the greenhouse too. Can't wait to see if we get a good crop.

  2. I know that feeling when seeds pop up - so why are my runner beans taking so long??? I check them every day...nothing! Your glasshouse is looking so productive. Inspiring. I better get planting more. xx


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