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SpringFling #30DaysWild Day 6

Galloway celebrates creativity during the bank holiday weekend by have a county wide open studio event - Spring Fling. We have managed to get around to a few on previous holidays and I really wanted to try again this year.

We visited a couple of galleries - no photos allowed, so you will just have to believe me how good the work was. I mentally bought so many paintings or sculptures and imagined where I would place the works of art. Great fun!

One studio we have visited before and we happily returned to was a willow workshop in Auchencairn. Trevor Leat makes huge supersized organic shapes and human forms. His mythical beasts are amazing as are his magical creatures. A visual delight (and not a little bit of envy on my part in wishing I could make such beautiful willow sculpture) Please do follow this link - he makes amazing works of art.


After we had filled our cultural bellies with art, we headed for the hills and found another precious treasure of a different kind - a green space that encourages wild camping and freedom - we spent ages there, exploring hidden corners and revelling in the beauty and calmness we found.

We stayed until dusk - a beautiful end to a lovely day.

I am participating in #30DaysWild Day - making space for nature for the month of June and loving it!

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. The willow sculptures are amazing and I really liked the stag on his website, so clever!

  2. That archway is too beautiful. It makes you think.....where does it go to, what will I find if I follow the pathway to the trees beyond? xx
    PS I am still in love with the fox. xx

  3. Thanks for showing the fox again; thanks for introducing me to more creative people; wish I had more hours in the day to try out all these new skills you delight in dangling in front of me!


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