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Dried citrus 'sun catcher' garlands - chrimbly counting day 5

I have absolutely no idea ... , hmmm. I took this photo in March this year. Any ideas? No, me neither! So let's get on with the crafting!

Dried citrus 'sun catcher' garlands

You will need:
A selection of dried orange/grapefruit/lemon slices
Strong thread
Tapestry needle
Red ribbon
A suitable window and some sunshine to twinkle through!
1.Select the dried orange slices you want to use, lay they out in the order you will thread them.
2. Make sure you have a sufficient length of thread before you start. Then sort out your beads, I used a vintage Indian bell as the first item, tying it on very tightly, following it with festively coloured beads.
3.Carefully pierce the fruit part of the slice with your threaded tapestry needle, tie the thread against the rind which is a lot firmer.  Repeat on the opposite side of the fruit slice, again tie, leave a gap then repeat for the remaining pieces of dried fruit slices. 
4. Finally make a loop and add your chosen ribbon to the top. 
5. Hang your festive orange garlands in your window and step back, marvelling at the light shining through your citrus sun catchers!
You can buy ready dried citrus slices or you can make them yourself.  I looked on the internet and there are a number of sites explaining how to do so, however, I purchased a small packet for less than £2.00 so much easier! As I type this - the room is gently scented by a slight hint of orange marmalade, yum!

If you have been inspired by my tutorial,
could you be so kind to link back to my blog,
I would love to see how your festive citrus garlands turned out :)

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  1. I didn't know you could purchase some already done, off to investigate...

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. That block of wood could be anything you want it to be. Wonder where it was? Those suncatchers are gorgeous, but probably would go mouldy here in our summer heat & humidity. Do they smell nice too? Take care.

  3. They look gorgeous, love the light shining through. Instructions very clear too.Marmalade cooking is amongst my list of favourite cooking smells. :) xx

  4. Bet that smells as lovely as it looks :)

  5. Those look so beautiful. Do you top them up with scented oils? So glorious! x

  6. mmmm now I want toast and marmalade xxx

  7. Ah the memories of mother drying slices of oranges and lemons.... never dried any myself but I do like the idea of being able to buy some.


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