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Handmade gift boxes and chrimbly counting number 15

Ribblehead Viaduct, a striking 24 arched overpass, is a Grade 11 listed structure. It is a huge sky lifting monument with an interesting history - it also happily supplied today's number - 15!

Handmade gift boxes

You will need ...
Coloured card
CD disc
Gift tags
Special gift for that special person

1. In pencil, draw around the CD disc and place a dot at the centre point
2. With the ruler bisect your circle twice to give you four quarter shapes (left photo)
3. Using your CD, now draw a curved line through each quarter - see photo on right
4. Draw a second circle (see photo above) and repeat steps 1, 2 and 3
5. Change to a pen and score firmly the curved lines in both circles
6. Make sure that the score line makes a clean 'dent' in your card - you will be folding on these curves
7. Cut out the completed circle shapes as one unit
8. Carefully bending the outer parts of the circle towards the centre using the scored line as the crease
9. Go around both circles, and, where two curved lines meet - make sure you pinch the fold tightly
10. The most 'fiddly' folds are the two where the circles cross over, this does need extra but still gentle persuading
11. As the folds become more pronounced, begin to fold the two circles towards each other to create the little box
12 Ta- da! You have just make the cutest little gift box - go you!

You will find that the box will open up again but once sealed with a ribbon it stays closed beautifully!

All you now have to do is hide a special little gift inside for that equally special person :) Tie closed with the ribbon and add the gift tag all ready to put under the tree!

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  1. That is a great idea

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. definitely going to do this one but the present I have in mind may need a slightly larger one so guess I'll have to use a bowl

  3. That is EXCEPTIONALLY clever! Am enjoying all your daily posts but as you know, technology troubles this week (and next, and the one after . . .) so not commenting much. What does Miss Moss make of all the holiday preparations?

  4. Of course you know that number is somewhere I love and still on my loooong wish list, is to walk under it & over Batty Moss and back again. I think there is a good circular walk. Love the little gift boxes and they would be nice any time of year. Thanks for all these tutorials and take care.

  5. What a gorgeous little box. Another thing I must try. xx

  6. What a fabulous idea!!! I really must try this!!x

  7. I have shamelessly bookmarked this post. Sybil x


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