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Twinkly wintery table decoration and chrimbly counting 13

Eldest has a friend who's birthday is in early November and he used to, when much younger, choose to have his party Halloween themed. This particular year, all the party guests came home with a rather rich chocolate cupcake. Eldest, having partaken in lots of party food already, generously donated to Youngest who didn't need to be asked twice and scoffed it in an instant!

Simple and Easy Twinkly and Wintery Table Decoration

You will need ...
Dried twisty twigs
Battery operated twinkly lights
Glass vase
Assorted smaller sized cones
Mug of your favourite warm drink

1. Select your twigs to suit the shape of your vase
2. Place two or three cones at the base
3. Start draping in your lights
4. Arrange your twigs and add to the vase then build up your layers of cones around the stems
5. As you go along add your lights around the cones - a bit fiddly and I admit to pulling it apart and starting again twice, none of your perfect 'this is how it is done' tutorial here! Nope, I did rearrange and rearrange until I was happy (but probably will tinker with it later!)
6. There! It certainly comes into it's own once it is darker but even during daylight I had the lights on and it added a certain little magic sparkle - perfect for a dull overcast day!

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  1. Natural with some sparkle. A great combination. I will be creating something similar for my table this week. X

  2. I did such a quick post this afternoon, that I'd not bothered seeing if anyone had done 13, and now I've seen yours, realise that we've both featured cones etc. I was trying to find a glass vase too, but haven't got one without a narrow type neck. Love yours with it's twinkling. Take care.

  3. Lovely vase; I could see me doing that but I need to find some pine cones and twinkly lights.... off out shopping with a friend tomorrow and can you guess what is on my shopping list???

  4. i love the sparkling... oh and that cupcake :)

  5. I'm glad you used the cones the the coloured thread, they look so beautiful with the sparkles. I wonder if it would work with sparkly yarn? Sybil x

  6. Ha! ha! that did make me laugh about your rearranging, as I made a similar display in my fireplace the other day and Mr Madaboutbags had to tell me off as I kept faffing and rearranging. Thanks for sharing xx

  7. Good idea for table decoration! I love light, around here we have short days and not much day light so we bring lots of light indoors and this is a great idea!

  8. That is so effective!!! Such a beautiful decoration!!

  9. I have seen this and it is even more spectacular - photographs do not do it justice. I did a similar one last year and was very pleased with it. xxx


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