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Oranges, Lemons and Cloves and Chrimbly counting 16

16? ? ? - well I don't have one ... I thought I did, but no, I don't... So - oh well, let's get on with today's little crafting!!

Oranges, Lemons and Cloves 

For the scent of Christmas you will need...

Oranges (I added a lemon to sharpen the fragrance)
A zesting tool
Skewer or kebab stick
Decorative bowl

Although a really easy and often done festive decoration, I have never actually made one before, so I thought that, in the spirit of all the crafting we have been doing, I would give it a try. I wish I had not waited so long, our lounge has gently filled with a heavenly scent -  a mixture of sharp citrus and rich and warming cloves - yum.

1. Using your zesting knife, scour groves along or around your orange
2. Press your cloves into the grooves, if the pith is thick, then gently use the skewer to pierce holes first 
Ta da!
3. How easy is that? 

Place your decorated oranges into a bowl. I added a couple of cones to help fill out the bowl and then left it in the lounge ... it does smell lovely there :)

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  1. Oh rats, I SOOOO could have done this!!! I had 20 oranges from the musicworkshop at school. I juiced them as they'd all been stabbed with crocodile clips!x

  2. No 16, and here I was thinking you were super organised, & would make me look bad. I actually found my last 2 today, whilst trying to do something else. It's my crafting that isn't happening as I've lost all motivation to do anything at the moment. Homesick I think, for all our family & friends in UK. I've seen those done before, but wouldn't attempt here in case they went mouldy quickly, but do believe they smell great. Take care & I know you have 17 (giggle).

  3. Another lovely idea but sadly I do not care for cloves so will give this one a miss; just as well as I'm already behind with one of your crafty ideas!

  4. I loved making Orange pomanders when I was younger

    Julie xxxxxx

  5. I've never used a zester when doing this...looks pretty

  6. I am about to start making one right now whilst cooking. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks for idea. xx:)

  7. I have done that in the past and enjoyed the aroma for many days. I did not used the zester and what a great idea! Thank you! Love it!! Thank for sharing XX!!

  8. I used to do these to keep evil cat off the Christmas tree. It had around 75% success rate and they have such a lovely scent. I may try to make a few more this year. Thank you for all this inspiration! I've been making a list, you do such lovely things Sybil x


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