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Super Quick and Easy Birds and chrimbly counting 10

Walking through a community run woodland we noticed evidence of their love and attention. Lots of bat and bird boxes as well as discreet bins and seating and even a lovely little wooden shelter with information posters and reclaimed church pews allowing you to hide from the inclement weather in warmth and safety.  All the boxes were numbered, not scrawled on by hand but with little metal tags all carefully placed - the community must really cherish their little wild space, it was was lovely being allowed to wander through.

Quick and easy paper birds

A very simple craft today - easy for all ages although if the crafty person is a young one, you might need to give a hand with using the scissors and tapestry needle - you will know their abilities :)

You will need:
Card in a number of colours
Pens, pencils, paints, crayons, glitter to decorate your birds
Scissors - plain and/or crafting
Embroidery thread
Tapestry needle
Chunky beads
Glue stick
Compass or lids to draw around

1. Select your card - decide which colour you want as the main part of the body and the wings.
2. Draw around your lids - the large for the body and the smaller to make the wings. Cut them out.
3. Once all your circles have been cut out, fold each on in half making a nice firm crease.
4. Now comes the fun! Decorate your birds - just remember not to completely decorate the body (large circle) as you will cover all your work when you add the wings.
5. When all your decorating has dried, glue the wings to the body - lining up the crease marks, then carefully place a weight (I used my painted fox stone) on the folded discs until the glue was dry.
6. Once your birds have dried, fold the embroidery thread in half and measure against the folded discs, you need enough length to make the 'legs' and the hanging loop. 
7. Tie a knot at the bottom end for the bead to rest on, leaving a little bit of thread as 'feet'.
8. Tie a second knot halfway up for the body of the bird to rest on and using your tapestry needle, push the remaining thread through to make the loop.
9. When piercing the card discs with the needle, if your crafty person has little fingers, please help them here. Make sure the hole is central to the disc to ensure the birds fly nicely in your tree :)
10. Using the scraps of card left from cutting the discs, you need to cut a long triangle for the tail and a shorter wider one for the beak. Fold these triangles in half and glue one at either end of your bird.
11. Then, step back and let your little crafty person (or you if you are like me!!) hang the birds up in your tree :)

These little birds can be as simple as I have made them, or really sparkly and glittery - either way - have super fun making them !!

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
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I would love to see how your little birds flew in your tree :)

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  1. Oh they are great fun

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Good post with bird boxes and then ready made birds to fly into them. No, but the tutorial is great, especially for younger children. Thank you & take care.

  3. These are cute, would be lovely made with felt too. Thank-you for sharing - Tam

  4. They are so light and dainty. Look good on the tree too. xx

  5. So cute! I will have to make one (or more) for my Christmas tree; I have made crochet ones but the paper ones look fab. Thanks for all your brilliant ideas.

  6. Just made a little bird for my Christmas tree; will send a photo tomorrow!


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