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Tomte inspired drift wood santas and chrimbly counting 17

The National Trust really looks after her volunteers, we were taken on a jolly out at the end of summer and (Susan from Granny Smith's Quilting will recognise this image) we went to Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal. Key places were identified with simple but perfect signs - number 17 - you have been snapped!

During this month of crafty nonsense, I have learnt a lot along the way and I have enjoyed crafting and sharing, however there are a couple of my tutorials that I absolutely adore and  these little chaps are my utter utter favourites - I hope you love them too :)

Tomte driftwood santas

You will need ...
Small pieces of driftwood
Acrylic paints - red, white, black, pink
Small paintbrushes
Embroidery thread
Tapestry needle

1. Prepare your drift wood - ensure not sandy, saturated or too brittle. The ideal would be to have aged looking wood which is light and easy to work with 
 2. Choose which way round you want the tomte/santa face and paint the lower 'beard and face' area with a rough coat of white acrylic paint - I decided I wanted the end item to look shabby and aged
3. Once the white is dry, paint, in pink, a softly square face shape (either with a ready made pink or mix the red and white to a suitable shade)
4. Paint the top part of the wood in red - this will be the hat
5. When the face has dried, dawb a couple of cheery cheeks (I was inspired by the 'Nutcracker Soldier')
6. When the face has dried, paint eyes in a variety of expressions - in black
7. Using the white, give each little tomte/santa a lovely twirly mustache, a 'pompom' at the top of his hat and a thicker white 'fluffy' border at the base of his hat
8. When the mustaches are dry, add the final touch of nose and mouth
9. Carefully drill a hole at the top through the 'hat', thread with the tapestry needle the embroidery floss, cut and tie off.

Then, do a happy dance, feel free to clap your  hands and squeal (coz I did) !

I have seen somewhere in tinter-land something like this and I did try to find it so I could credit them, however, try as I might, I have not been able to track them down - but thank you who ever you were - you inspired me!

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  1. such cute driftwood Santas! I like how they are all unique. I can't believe it is the 17th already! Christmas is on it's way!

  2. They are so sweet; you have such good taste!

  3. Lovely and not just good taste but a clever, artistic talent. Well done Hawthorn and I wish I had some driftwood pieces, so next time I go for a "sea air" fix, I'll gather some ready for playing. Thank you and take care.

  4. They look lovely now they are finished ...'very effective'!!! xxx

  5. I love these! We have jars of driftwood pieces just waiting for something crafty and we could use some more tree decorations!


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