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Gingerbread Tree and Chrimbly counting 21

21 - this picture is from the archives, I can visualise the moment but can not remember the story. So, let's waste not time and get on crafting! (Well eating!)

Gingerbread Tree (needs to be eaten same day)

You will need ..
Your favourite gingerbread biscuit recipe
Star shaped biscuit cutters - in decreasing sizes
Star shaped biscuit template/s - larger than the biscuit cutter sizes
Decorative plate
Edible glitter
Optional - ready to roll icing

1. Make the gingerbread recipe, roll and cut out star shapes to create your tree.

I did three extra large stars, two large (both sizes from the templates I made) then I made four of each of the three biscuit cutter size and then a final much smaller star (I cut this free hand)
2.  Bake your biscuits and allow to fully cool and harden

3. Roll and cut out icing shapes to match every one of your biscuits

4. Starting with the largest star, layer up in decreasing biscuit sizes, pressing lightly to help with the construction

5. Once all stacked up, sprinkle lightly with edible glitter ... stand back, take photos before hungry guests tuck in!

 Ideally the tree should be made and eaten on the same day, however, the biscuits can be pre-made a day or two, stored in an airtight tin and the icing added just before your guests land :)

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
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I would love to see your yummy yummy festive trees :)

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  1. Cute tree! good enough to eat!

  2. Eat same day...that's just what Heidi thought about daughter's trees she stood by her gingerbread house...who knew she could reach the top shelf?! Crumbs and a large satisfied doggie belch confirmed the culprit. x

  3. I love this idea - I will be saving it for our yule! thank you for sharing.

  4. I have certainly been inspired by you posts

    Julie xxxxxx

  5. I suspect with all your hungry boys at home it will not be difficult to have that lovely tree demolished in one day!

    Solstice blessings from our home to yours. Sorry I have been utterly rubbish at keeping in touch - 2017 resolution - 'must do better' !!

  6. I can verify that that Christmas tree is a beauty to see (and nibble at, provided any bits are left after the mad dash to attack it!).

  7. Looks as good as it tasted. Worth the effort as they always look so spectacular. xx

  8. Was inspired by your tree a year or two back. Have bought the cutters..........

  9. A very festive idea, it looks delicious. I can imagine it didn't last long!
    Cathy x

  10. Lovely Hawthorn & I'll bet yours are the best gingerbread. I made some once & they were terrible. Must get your recipe. My friend J left me a small one similar whilst we were out yesterday. Take care.

  11. That is so wonderfully effective!!!

  12. Made a gingerbread tree. Never got to put ici g on or photograph cos we ate it first!! Yummy


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