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Lemony Shortbread in a jar - Chrimbly Counting - 3

Sitting in a waiting ferry, loud engines rumbling, ready for the off. We were rather excited, anticipating our stay on the beautiful isle of Uist .

Festive jar filled with Lemony Shortbread Biscuits

You will need:
Yummy shortbread biscuits (recipe below**)
Air tight jar - large enough to hold a goodly amount of biscuits
Gift tag - bought or hand made
A suitable biscuit eating recipient!

1. Make your biscuits - recipe below or use one of your own favourites
2. Cool thoroughly, ready to be added to your chosen clean and dry jar

3. Select your ribbons and decorate the jar, choose your label or cut one from a recycled card
4. Layer your biscuits carefully - filling the the jar

 5. Seal tightly, add your gift tag and stand back happy!

Ta da!

If you are making the biscuits from scratch, this will take about an hour and half to include cooling time. You can 'prettify' your festive biscuit jar while the biscuits are baking and you will still have time to have a mug of tea AND  wash up!

**Lemony Shortbread Biscuits

225g (8oz) butter
100g (4oz) icing sugar
325g (12oz) flour
Zest of one lemon - optional
Caster sugar for sprinkling sparkly sweet stuff on finished biscuits

Cream butter and sugar until soft and light, gradually add the flour and lemon zest and knead until smooth.
Roll out to about  1/2 cm (1/4 inch) thick and cut with your favourite cutter.
Fan - 155 deg C, 20 - 30 mins
Conv oven - preheat to 180 deg C, 25 - 35 mins
Gas mark 4, 20 - 30 mins
Sprinkle on the sugar before fully cooled giving a lovely festive twinkly sparkle :)
Load up your jar!

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  1. Definitely going to make those!

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Delicious. I adore shortbread so will definitely be making these. They look so pretty in the decorated jar. X

  3. I can guarantee that these are most delicious and lemony. Love them every time we have them. :) xx

  4. Yummy, yummy!!! Then a gift of any home-made biscuits will be gratefully received, I am sure!

  5. These look and sound fabulous!!


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