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Wooden Tree and Chrimbly Counting - 1

Welcome to my Chrimbly Countdown 2016!

A brilliant little find - that card. We were geocaching on Skye and this little card was in the cache box. Just perfect!    Now, let's kick start a season of daily festive crafting, makes and bakes - there should be something for everyone to try!  

Wooden Pallet Festive Tree

You will need:
A discarded wooden pallet - preferably with close slats
Gardening gloves
Marker pen
'Ruler' - I used a broom handle
Saw - I have a handy husband and his circular saw
Paint - greens/reds/white
Paint brushes 
Additional/optional - glitter/ rain or snow proof decorations
Somewhere outside to place your festively decorated tree where everyone can see and admire your handiwork!

1. Clean up the pallet, remove any ties or labels (if rough wood - wear gloves)
2. Using the central supporting strut as the centre - this will also be the tree's trunk - draw a triangular shape.

3. Either using said handy husband or your own saw, cut along the drawn lines
4. Sand the cut edges smooth, discarding the outer pieces of wood. (Luckily I have a wood-burning stove)

5. Choose your paint designs;
               'Ever-green tree' - green cross slats and brown supporting strut 
               'Winter wonderland tree' - white with glitter to give that extra frosty sparkle
               or a colour scheme of your choice with what ever paints you can find!

6. Decorate as your whim takes you!

7. Place tree in prominent place, step back and smile :)


If you have been inspired by my tutorial,
could you be so kind to link back to my blog,
I would love to see how your tree turned out :)

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  1. That is great, love it, may have a wooden pallet in the garden somewhere

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Great idea and as I happen to have access to a pallet I may just give this one a try when I have the time

  3. That is a lovely idea. You have set yourself a high standard! xx

  4. Absolutely brilliant idea.

  5. Miss Moss is definitely number 1 puppy :)

    Lovely tree, I never seem to find a pallet with slats close enough together :(

  6. Pallets are sacrosanct in our household so there is no chance I could get one and make a tree so I've another quirky idea for a tree! Will keep you informed. You have worked hard to give us a daily crafty idea!


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