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Simple festive trees and chrimbly counting 14

We have a wood burning stove, which I adore (as do the cats) and at this time of year, it rumbles and crackles as it keeps our house deliciously warm and toasty. There is something so memorising and satisfying when sitting by a fire as it flickers and glows while I knit or read. But the beast that it is, requires feeding, so Himself collected discarded pallets all year round, stashing them in his wood store for our winter warmth. 

Very Simple Paper Trees

You will need ...
Firm paper 
Metallic or coloured pens
1. There is no set size - be guided by the 'strength' of your paper as it will have to stand up under it's own weight.
2. Fold your paper in half lengthwise
3. Lightly draw diagonally across from bottom to top making a triangular shape (with the fold in the centre of your 'tree') 
4. Draw a slight curve at the base
5. Following your base line, lightly draw lines at regular intervals up the triangular shape, see picture above
6. Cut out your tree shape.
7. Open your tree and if you are going to decorate it, now is a good time to reach for the pens and let your creative juices flow!
8. To turn your tree into 3D, press alternating strips of paper backwards, creating a cone shape
9. The folds should be soft rather than crisp
10. Having made your first one, if you are feeling adventurous, before cutting your next tree out, draw and cut out half a star at the top, when you unfold you will have a complete star twinkling upon your tree :)
11. I used both plain scissors and pinking shears to cut my trees

Now arrange your little festive forest somewhere safe (and away from the cat ... who, in my case 'helped' .... more than once ... I am surprised the trees survived long enough for me to photograph them!)

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
please could you be so kind to link back to my blog
I would love to see your little festive trees :)

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  1. Oh wow they look great. Next year I will add these if I may to my grandchildren's advent box.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. The trees are soooooo cute. Might try one and would the thick, coloured printer paper work? Wish I'd looked harder for my numbers, which I'm already doing for next year. Yours are great. Take care.

  3. Humphrey has been lending a paw in all manner of Christmas related matters...they say curiosity killed the cat....now I begin to understand why!

  4. Great idea. And I love the idea of collecting unwanted wood for winter fires. I dream of a woodburner one day... CJ xx

  5. Love those Christmas trees. Will made some. xx

  6. these look pretty and effective, can you put Christmas back a bit please so we have more time to do some of these ideas.

  7. Another great crafting idea from you. I plan to try this asap. Is it any wonder I have no time these days as I am busy following your tutorials?? Better than housework!

  8. Cats love to 'help' don't they!!! This is a great idea! I've done something similar but not with the deckled scissors!

  9. They look great, I'll try bear with them! Sybil x


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