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Paperback Novel Trees and counting chrimbly numbers 18

In a small ex-industrial linear village, lined with stone terraces and squashed cottages, a little home pressed up against a shop opposite a local supermarket has the delightful view of a soulless tarred car-park. Quietly it has a very small and almost indiscernible house number at pavement level.

Paperback Novel Trees

You will need ...
Pages from a thrown away novel
Hole punch
Wooden skewers
Small block or wood or wooden buttons
Drill (may not require)
Stars - sticky, button, hand drawn
Extras - small vase or pots, ethically gathered moss 

1. Fold your page in half - but only pinch the top crease, try not to bend the remaining paper
2. Draw from the central top fold down to create a triangle. Some trees I made were very narrow tall triangles, others fatter and wider
3.Cut out the triangle, keep the off-cuts - they may be a good shape to make tall thin trees
4. Fold the triangle in a concertina pattern, starting from the base. Narrow folds give a nice zig-zag tree but see what you think

5. Punch a hole in the middle of your folds - you may have to do in several stages if you have a small hole punch
6. Thread your wooden skewer through the holes
7.  If you find the peak tends to tip over, which I did, you can lightly pierce the top triangle with the skewer point which works well to keep the tree upright
8.  Before you attach your tree to it's base, this is a good time to add your star to the top. I used a star shaped button and tied it to the top of the skewer. Equally a star sticker would work just as well
9. Insert your skewer tree trunks into the pre-drilled block of wood or in wooden buttons (I was lucky enough to be gifted some ages ago and never had a use for them - until now!) 

In my enthusiasm for making my Paperback Novel Trees, I ran out of bases, so I filled a little jar with moss and 'planted' three more trees :) 

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I would love to see your little trees :)

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  1. Oh they are great. You have really inspired me, and I hope you won't mind me borrowing some of these lovely ideas for my grandchildren's advent box next year.......?

    Julie xxx

  2. Lovely Hawthorn & you could use all sorts of scraps of paper, I think. Take care.

  3. I see I shall have to put housework to one side, again; what a pity! I don't have any old paperbacks to hand but I do have some sheet music some where.... Thanks again. Only 6 more days of your crafty ideas to come, I think.

  4. They are so cute!!! I find it HARD to take pages out of a book though! I bought one from the charity shop for that purpose and could only tear out the pages from the back with blurbs of other stories!

  5. These pretty folded Christmas trees reminded me of when we used to use old telephone directories and fold them into Christmas trees. xx


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