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Festive Jar of Fudge and chrimbly counting 8

I just love it when a house number is given the personal look and this one really appealed to me. Every time I see it, it makes me smile.

Festive jar filled with Extremely Yummy Fudge Squares **

You will need:
Yummy yummy yummy fudge recipe - HERE (I am not affiliated in anyway with the source however the recipe is fairly fail safe and rather delish)
Suitable container
Festive trimmings, tags, ribbons
Either a mixer or a teenager with strong arms (for the mixing the fudge stage)

1. Premake your fudge - not too long in advance as you might be lured into sampling and double checking your bake, then end up having to make another batch (I may or may not be speaking from experience ... erhem)
2. Once cool and still having sufficient quantity (see note above) cut into nice bite size squares. Any edges or corners that are a little too crumpled or less than perfect - save those as 'cooks perks'...

3. Layer up the now fully cooled, and surviving, pieces of fudge in your jar.
4. Decorate, write on and attach your tag - and no, not putting your own name on it is allowed ...!

Ta-da - another gift sorted. This took me an afternoon to do - the longest time being allocated to the fudge cooling. 

**I may have alluded to once or twice the sinful deliciousness of said fudge - this recipe should come with a health warning attached! It is, however, a simple and easy recipe and always well received.

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
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I would love to see your fudge squares in a jar :)

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  1. It's good to know someone else is guilty of "sampling". This idea is great. I have several people this will be a nice gift for.

  2. I'm a failure when it comes to making fudge, no matter how many times I try!

    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Love your number 8 and that fudge certainly looks delicious. DD makes a good one too & used to make it for her friends at Xmas. Have you ever tried the Baileys one, says this tea-totaler? Take care.

  4. Having sampled this fudge on many occasions as made by eldest for his grandfather, I can guarantee is deliciousness. If a teenager can make it, anyone can. xx

  5. The recipe says that it keeps for two weeks - is that under armed guard? (btw, Sybil from Sybil Witters on who is really enjoying your blog but can't work out how to comment under that name) x

  6. You are so naughty with all these delicious recipes; I doubt I'd have much fudge to put in a jar, unless I can find a mini jar, the ones you get if you are in a cafe and have a toasted tea-cake!!!


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