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Mini wreath card holders and chrimbly counting 9

You just can not miss this set of steading signs :) You see these dotted all over the islands of Scotland, often with no houses in sight. I often wondered how far down the stony track you would have to venture to find who these signs belonged too.

Mini wreath place cards holders

You will need:
Ivy - approximately 30 - 40 cm lengths - 2 - 3 per place setting
Paper, pens or computer 
An impending festive dinner for your favourite friends

1. Select your ivy - preferably small leafed varieties.
2. If the leaves are spaced far apart, clip two strands per wreath.

3. Gently twist your two ivy strands to form a thicker and more leafy line.
4. Remove any damaged leaves if you feel they spoil the appearance.

5. Twist your strand into a circle, wrapping any long leaves into the wreath.
6. Keep twisting and tucking in the ends until you are happy with the shape.

7. Continue making until you have sufficient mini wreaths for your dinner table.
8. Trim off any thicker stalks or strands that refuse to stay tucked into the wreath. 
9. In your 'bestest' hand writing (or cheat like me and print) a list of your guests' names.
10. Cut out ready for the next step.
Now the fun begins - your mini wreaths can be used in many different ways on your table setting.

11. Round the base of a glass 
12. Part of your cutlery setting or a simple wreath holding your guest's name card. 

Ta da! 
This should take you less than an hour to make, unless you get distracted by something boiling over in the kitchen! 

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
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I would love to see how you made your mini wreath place card holders :)

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  1. That is a lovely idea

    Julie xxxxx

  2. Beautifully done, they're so pretty I'm a big fan of natural greenery on the table. CJ xx

  3. Love the card holders. We have farms with a sign at the gate and you wonder where the house might be too. Take care.

  4. They are so pretty and dainty. Love them. Hope others are inspired to make them too.xx

  5. Apart from all the time and effort you've put into these tutorials, I really appreciate that they are not expensive nor do they require lots of specialist equipment.

  6. I like this simple festive idea

  7. These are so cute, especially if you are someone who 'does' Christmas!


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