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Quick gift for for your favourite dog and chrimbly counting 11

A pile of logs loitering behind a visitor's centre in Skye - why - do you ask, was I there? Well, I was following a trail put out by the centre which meandered around the woods and parklands then for a short stretch, walked round the back of the building, next to the bins and staff parking - an otherwise lovely little walk spoilt by a necessary but ugly link up path. On the plus side - I found this '11' cut into the log pile by the tree surgeon. Hmmm - thanks (I think!)
Now for nicer things!

Quick and easy gift for your favourite dog or dogs (woof!)

You will need:
Suitable nibbly dog treats, bought or homemade
A selection of jars or bottles (depending on how many dogs you are sorting out)
Gift tags (I found some dog themed ones from the cards I'd already cut for tags) LINK HERE
Ribbons, pen, scissors
Recipient of the dog variety ....!

1. Select your jars - I have used three different varieties, one smaller screw top, one sanctuary jar and a plastic tubby one. 
2. Fill your containers with the nibbly dog treats and seal shut. 
3. Now decorate your gifts with ribbons and tags - this may sound obvious but do remember to remove the decorations afterwards. (Although the dog will not actually open the jar and help themselves, I thought I better just add that little proviso ... )
4. Ta da! A selection of doggy treats for a bit of seasonal silly fun :)
And of course there always has to be a little of this ...

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
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I would love to see your dog receiving their dog treats gift :)

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  1. Lovely gift to give to doggy owning friends too

    Julie xxxxx

  2. I am so stealing that for my brother's dogs. Sybil x

  3. Oh dear, I have just returned your jar today......I could have filled it with treats for Moss and returned it on Christmas day!! Can I have it back please!!! xxx

    PS Just joking!! xxx

  4. Oh "woof" indeed!!!! Did the Quality Control Supervisor approve?

  5. I don't have a dog so will have to experiment with my Beloved! Since he is an 'engineer' I could fill the jar with screws etc...


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