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Three ways to fold festive serviettes and chrimbly counting 24

Once again a distinct lack of numberage - hey ho, let's get on with the final crafty post of my chrimbly crafting marathon! I am so pleased you all joined me and kept me going with your stories and photos of your crafting! So, without further ado - welcome to the final festive post for 2016!

Three ways to fold festive serviettes

You will need...
Mug of tea/coffee/mulled wine (may be wait til after folding to tackle the mulled wine - you will need your faculties in suitable order)
A timely festive dinner table just waiting for your creations :)

Two folds are quick and easy and one a little more fiddly but so worth the effort!

Windmill, Pixie Boot and Festive Tree

Windmill - easy

1. Open out the serviette and check it is square
2. Leave open and fold diagonally in half to create a triangle
3. Fold the triangle in half again and open back to original square
4. Take each corner and fold to the centre - see photo on top right
5. Once all four corners are in the middle, press all creases down firmly
6. Take the bottom edge and fold up to the middle point - see middle photo, press firmly on crease
7. Take top edge, fold down to middle point - see photo on right, again press down on crease
8. Take left edge and fold towards centre - photo top left
9. Take right edge and fold towards centre - middle picture - at this point press all creases down firmly
10. Carefully pull out the inner corner  - see top right photo - this is as the corner is just beginning to be pulled out
11. Once corner out, press down and then repeat the procedure on all four corners so the serviette now looks as per top right photo
12. Take top let point and flap upwards
13. Take bottom right point and flap downwards
14. You have just made your windmill ! Well done you :)

Ta da!!

Pixie boot - intermediate to huh??? what do I fold now?? (but worth the effort!)

1. Open out serviette fully
2. Fold upwards in half lengthwise
3. Fold upwards again lengthwise
4. Fold one half of the length down creating a mitred corner, see above, then repeat on the other side, making a 'paper aeroplane' shape
5. Take the left corner (see picture top left) and fold to the centre, making the shape even more 'paper aeroplane' shaped, repeat on the other side (see top right photo) Press all new creases firmly down
6. Fold in half then turn 90 degrees ensuring the fold on the 'toe' is on the top side of your work
7. (This now is a bit fiddly but I know you can do it!) First, fold the top flap upwards
8. Then reduce the size of the bottom fold - see right photo- by folding 'diagonally in half' 
9. Bend this flap towards the point (toe) 
10.  Fold this flap and tuck into the fold
11. Make sure this step is firmly tucked in as this now makes the structure of the pixie boot
12. Take the remaining flap and carefully open and bend down towards the boot making a 'cuff'
Once you have made the pixie boot, carefully place a finger into the boot and gently round it open - see below photo ... did you do it? Well done you!
Ta da!!

Festive tree - easy
1. This works best either with a fabric serviette or a double sided paper one. I separated my serviette to have a coloured and a white side to make the steps stand out more
2. Have your serviette folded in quarters , rotate so that the corner at the bottom (nearest you) is made up of several layers
3. Fold up the first layer - not quite to the top, leaving a border, press down firmly on crease
4.Fold up the next layer, again leaving a border showing from the previous layer. Repeat the folding up of the layers
5. When final layer has been flipped up turn the serviette over, then, rotate serviette so the pointed top now faces you
6. With the point facing you, take the left top (see image left) and fold to opposite right long edge
7. Fold the to right across to opposite left long edge - press down firmly on new folds. Now TURN IT BACK OVER
8. Flip up top layer towards top point
9. Flip up second layer and tuck the point beneath the above layer
10. Repeat until final layer tucked in.
See how the different layers show when using a single ply serviette
Ta da!!

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
please could you be so kind to link back to my blog
I would love to see your serviette foldings :)

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Well, that's it! I am done done done! Now I'm going to lie down in a dark corner and recover - it has been brilliant fun and I have learnt things along the way, I hope you have too, if you did do any of my tutorials, please let me know, take photos, show and tell, I would really love to see what you got up to :)
It just remains for me to say - 
Have a peaceful, family filled Yule, full of love and joy and laughter


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  1. Lovely ideas here, could use different colours for other times of the year too

    Julie xxxxx

  2. Clever, clever, clever! I've loved joining in, but have lacked the crafty bits with you. Must make more effort when I join in these things. The number part has been great though. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Take care.

  3. Where do you find the time? I expect you will want to lie down in a darkened room for many weeks! Thanks for brightening my days through a dull and dark December! I have tried some of your crafts and will take photos and let you know (some time in 2017, May perhaps?). Take care and please be back in 2017! xx

  4. I have really enjoyed seeing your festive creations and ideas. Thank you for sharing. It must have taken a lot of time and effort to do the tutorials.
    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours. X

  5. Those windmill serviettes set off the dinner table on Christmas day. A pile of plates waiting to be used, with a serviette between each. So effective. Lovely meal too by the way. xxx


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