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Noughts and Crosses (Tic tac toe) and chrimbly countdown 12

A small aluminium tag studded into the tar. We did a little research and came up with a blank.   ?Is it something to do with testing the road surface quality.    ?Is it marking a boundary - we have no idea. But, it does mean, that today - the 12th December, I have my number!

Noughts and Crosses or Tic tac toe

Tic tac toe, tic tac toe,
Give me an X
Give me an O!!

You will need:
A selection of small rounded pebbles - a minimum of nine preferably 12 per game
Pens - light coloured for dark pebbles, dark for light ones
Small jewellery box, gift box or tin
Coloured Card
1. Choose small fairly rounded similarly sized pebbles - we'd been for a dog walk and as we always do, we had to stop by the river for Moss to play. While she splashed and dashed and generally had fun, I collected a small clutch of pebbles.
2. Choose the nicest ones and on one side of the pebble - mark an X, allow your marking to dry before turning over
3. On the other side, write an O, again, allow to dry
4. Selecting your tin or box, measure the inside of the lid
5. Using the card you selected, cut out the shape required to fit snugly in the lid
6. Draw a grid onto your card
7. Glue the card and stick into the lid, allow to dry
8. The card box already had a sponge base however the tin did not, so I lined it with a layer of soft card - to reduce any rattle noise.
There you have it!  
A quick and easy gift to make,
ideal to take camping,
light enough to take on picnics or walks
or to leave in the car.

If you have never played Noughts and Crosses, here goes ...
It is a two player game, decide who will be Noughts or Crosses and who will go first.
Each player takes a turn to place their pebble onto the grid, the target is to line up three pebbles before the other player blocks. The first person to make a line is the winner!

Ta da! 
This should take you less than an hour to make (as long as you have already collected your pebbles), unless you get distracted by the dog needing a walk!

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I would love to see your tic tac toe, give me an X give me an O!:)

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  1. Oh wow! that is a great idea

    Julie xxxxx

  2. What a great idea. I wonder if I could find 9 stones of similar size? Think about that definitely. Look forward to seeing some of those wreaths. Take care.

  3. That tic tac toe looks great. I am baffled by that number 12. It looks like the seat number from a train. I wonder if it got there by accident. Sybil x

  4. I love noughts and crosses so that looks like fun.

  5. the thing on the road could be to measure movement...we have one lane near here where the next bit after the shored up bit has been marked....each side of a patch...and there is a crack along the middle of the patch.....

  6. I'm catching up after a bit of a break. It's nice to see your traditional Chrimbly Countdown, and I love the noughts and crosses game.
    Cathy x

  7. So clever, so family orientated. Well done you for all your great ideas.


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