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Shabby chic style wooden ornaments and chrimbly counting 22

It seems such a long time ago (1st of October) that I visited Fountains Abbey in warm and glorious sunshine, a complete contrast to today - a dreich and grey day - all the more reason to get crafting!

Shabby chic style wooden ornaments

You will need ...
Little 'slices of wood' - these were cut from a pruned cherry tree branch and dried on the radiator overnight (I wanted them to crack)
Acrylic Paint (I used red and white)
Letter stamps or stencils
And .... I *whispers* used glitter (again ....)
Tapestry needle
Optional - varnish
Drill, printing blocks, wood slices
1. Saw through a pruned branch - the one here is approximately 6cm across. 
2. Dry over night on the radiator (in the southern hemisphere!) I wanted the slices to look old and rustic so I then placed them on top of our wood burner for about an hour or so and the little cracks soon appeared (happy me)
3. Once dried, decide which way will be the top and paint a coat in your chosen colour, you may need more than one  - I found one layer of white was too pale once dried and did a second coat.
4. While the paint was still damp, I sprinkled a little silver glitter.
5. Drill a small hole at the top (to thread your ribbon through later) I forgot to do this step until I'd rushed on ahead and had already stamped my words!
6. Having decided which words you will stamp or stencil on, start with the central letter and place in the middle of the slice, then work outwards

7. At this point, once all the paint was dry, I gave a quick and light varnish and whilst that was still sticky, I added more glittery stuff - this time teeny tiny red stars 
8. Once all varnish/paint has dried, thread your tapestry needle with the ribbon and tie to your wooden ornaments.
9. Then, feeling rather happy with your results, go and place them in your tree :)
I am really pleased with the end shabby style - just what I was trying to achieve. I can't beleive how happy hanging them up in our tree made me :) (Possibly because I have almost reached the end of our marathon chrimbly make-athon!)
 Just two more posts before I go quiet - I need to lie down in a dark corner and recover myself from all the cutting/gluing/sticking/painting/baking and making and all the *G*L*I*T*T*E*R issues I managed to inflict on myself!
 It has been fun, so glad you came along for the ride :)

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
please could you be so kind to link back to my blog
I would love to see your wooden tree ornaments :)

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  1. These are lovely...alas no time for play today☹️

  2. Very lovely, I can see that style working well on my tree :) How long did it take you to de-glitter the house after you had prepared all these crimbly craft posts?

    PS: how is Miss Moss?

  3. i love these... such a beautiful idea and it looks so pretty on your tree

  4. They look terrific on your tree. xx

  5. I recognise that number!!! LOVE, the wood slices with their stamped words & had thought about the same sort of slices, but with woodburning designs. The old drill & box of letters are just gorgeous. I do like old tools and such. Take care. Oh are you doing No. 25?

  6. Another lovely idea; I will admire yours as my tree is full!


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