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Admiring the setting sun #30DaysWild day 9

Our village runs - for the most part - along a valley with the older houses rising up onto the foothills. These homes, due to their elevated position, get to see the evening sunset.  Our house itself is one of the first on the gradual incline and so is still quite low and our view of the evening sky is obscured by the cottage rooves. *

If the sky is particularly exciting we gallop up to our local playing grounds. It is always worth the huff and the puff - I'll let the images do the talking.
Half way up the lane, the sunlight filtering through the bluebells. 
The hills haven't been as brilliantly blue as in previous years, suspect the lack of rain has reduced the flower size and quantity - however they are still so pretty and have such a wonderful scent.
Nearly at the top, the leaves turning gold with the evening light. 
The dandelion seed heads lightly nodding in the breeze.
They haven't always been considered as weeds -  during the Victorian times they were cultivated and eaten by the wealthy 
in salads and sandwiches. 
And despite their troublesome nature, 
they are very pretty and cheerful, besides the bees love them!

At the top of the lane, just entering the village fields, 
just look at that sky - certainly worth the pull up that hill! 
The last of the bird evening song filled the air, 
the sun sunk behind the horizon.  
Making the sky blue and gold.
 Which intensifies with every passing moment.
Behind us, the sky turned a moody dark pink.
 Then, as the sky slipped into darker shades, 
the birds grew silent and the air turned still, 
it felt like the earth held her breath for one moment. 

We walked back down the lane,
in semidarkness
and companionable silence.

* So - what is the plural of roof? I pronounce it 'rooves', Himself agrees but says it is spelt 'roofs'. I looked it up, 'rooves' is the less common version but still acceptable ... so rooves it is!


  1. Cracking sunset, which is always had to beat. Luckily I can sit upstairs to see the sunset rather than climb up that hill!

  2. Hey...when you're showing us photos like that you can call them whatever you want! x

  3. Stunning pictures. Had you considered including some of your photographs at the TAM Art Event?

  4. Beautiful. I love to see the sun set and the way the dimming light changes the look of the landscape. X

  5. Great photos. We get the sunset from our rear patio door. No climbing for me!

  6. We too are lucky as the same sunset can be seen from our lounge window as it disappears over Weets Hill. I think rooves sounds good. Just looks odd! XX

  7. We too are lucky as the same sunset can be seen from our lounge window as it disappears over Weets Hill. I think rooves sounds good. Just looks odd! XX

  8. Stunning, Mother Nature can be so wonderful. If I took a pic of the sunset here would certainly see rooves in the picture, plenty if them.


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