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Volunteering my wild time #30DaysWild day 3

The Wildlife Trust who organised  #30DaysWild have supplied a wonderfully long list of suggestions called 'Random Acts of Wild'.  
Today's offering comes from that list .... 'Volunteering my wild time'.

I volunteer at a walled garden at Malham Tarn Estate, which under normal circumstances, is a vegetable garden run in a traditional allotment style.  But recently (which secretly I am rather pleased about) loads of little native tree wips have appeared. They should have been planted out on the moors and valleys over autumn and winter but unfortunately time and man power ran out. So I get to help look after them.
Our incredible summer weather has meant 
the little trees have developed a powerful thirst 
that only a good hosepipe gushing loads of icy cold water will satisfy!
So, I spend a happy hour and a half watering 
(and talking to - yes I am a little odd) the trees before I start in the garden.
Fortunately the other volunteers feel the same way and also help quench their thirst.
I hope they can be planted soon - their little toes must be quite squashed in their temporary homes.


  1. If they did a weekend plant out I'd come help. Just can't do mid week or weekends with wool shows

  2. If Find it very satisfying getting a plant out of its pot (eventually) and planted into the soil. Hopefully your little ones will soon be released into the wild.

  3. Ooh, lovely & making me very homesick talking & showing Malham. Nothing wrong with talking to the plants, as I talk to mine all the time when out in the garden, along with the birds & insects too. Have a great Sunday & take care.

  4. I talk to my plants all the time, then I'll suddenly hear next door come outside and hope they haven't heard me!

    What lovely tree babies! :)

  5. Lovely post again though I must admit to talking to my plants and bees too.xx

  6. DH and I are Chair and Treasurer at our community allotment, free food for local people for just a couple of hours each week helping to grow and keep the space under control. Today, I planted sunflowers and weeded a little with good company.


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