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Bleary eyed at dawn #30DaysWild day 25

Although, this year, our longest day here in the northern hemisphere was sublime,
with it being during the week we couldn't really do anything spectacular,  
so we watched the sun go down on solstice eve, 
I awoke early and acknowledged the day 
(and fell back to sleep almost immediately) 
and later, at a less extreme time 
I took time to appreciate the light and the significance of the day.
So, these pictures are from a couple of years ago,
when the stars aligned,
the weekend was right, 
the boys were home,
we wild camped.
On solstice eve.
And it was magical.
It can still make me cry at the beauty of it all. 

While Solstice eve's sunset was dramatic and fiery ....
next day's dawn was soft shades of blue and silver.
The valley filled with mist, the cotton grass twinkled with dew,
sheep occasionally baa-ed in the distance.
The earth was gently stirring,
she was still sleepy,
as were we, 
however the scent of the coffee soon had us awake.
We have wild camped since and will again,
however, this one,
this place,
this particular day - is forever engraved on my heart.
#30DaysWild - a whole lot of magic


  1. Memories and digital photos are great things to have.

  2. Your wild camping weekends sound superb. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week & take care.

  3. Happy memories of a lovely wild camping night. xx

  4. Oohhh what an experience that must have been. x

  5. Gosh all these lovely photos and places.You will have to search for the Scavenger Hunt as most of these you could use for your list lol. Great post as usual.


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