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Now for something slightly different #30dayswild day 28 ‪#‎staywild‬

It is absolutely dashing it down out there - we need the rain, 
the reservoirs around us are looking decidedly low and the rivers are slow and shallow. 
So, I shall not begrudge a little bit of rain however it has made today's post a little different.

It is almost as wet inside as out - my house plants which make up my 'indoor jungle' 
are all needing a drink so, in shifts because they don't all fit in the bath,
 have been sitting under the shower for a good dowsing. 
In that rather damp indoor jungle - I have an indoor wild thing.... did you spot her?
I know that eventually she will stop hunting the dribbles of water, 
she will get bored listening to them tinkle down 
the plug hole and she will want to rest her weary little indoor-tiger-bones, on my desk....
Never mind, from 'our' desk 
we can watch the soggy starlings carrying equally soggy worms 
to starving youngsters :)

Celebrating #30dayswild any way I can!


  1. Pepper's antics brighten up this very wet day. She is lovely.

  2. Thats a great idea to blog about your adorable kitty on such a rainy miserable day. I'm running out of ideas!

  3. Raining cats and a dog inside too. Dear Pepper, she loves photobombing your pictures. Can see her just peeping out of the first picture. xx

  4. Did the outside rain remind you, that inside rain was important too for the jungle of pots? Love the way Pepper knows when the photo shoots are happening. We actually need rain here too, although it's basically mid winter. We've only had 20mm so far for June. Not much. Usually only soak my pots under cover in a bowl of water. Never thought of showering them. Take care.


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